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How are you coping with the lockdown?

Let us know how you are coping and what support you would like

How are you coping with the lockdown?

We have a small online survey at


Please take a few minutes to complete at. it will help us to flag up what support is lacking along with any other key issues

So far we have had people tell us they need help with shopping and asked how they can get some sort of priority as a carer and we have had some interesting feedback


A carers ID card can be obtained from Carers UK. If you email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. you can apply online.


New website guide for families and people with a learning disability

Really helpful website just set up

New website guide for families and people with a learning disability

A group of professionals in the health team have put together a Facebook group and website for the COVID-19 crisis where we can upload and categories the fantastic information being created by so many different groups in this crisis, and give our clients and their families the information they need and activities that will help. 

It can be found at the link below- we recommend that you check it out!


Covid19 -Thinking of setting up a voluntary help group?

Some tips and assistance for anyone setting up a voluntary group

Covid19 -Thinking of setting up a voluntary help group?




At this difficult time it is great to see that society actually DOES exist!


While many of you will want to do things to help their neighbours and the wider community, setting up a group and maintaining it can present challenges

Read on for some useful tips and guidance for small support groups

November 2019 newsletter

Latest news for carers & Christmas treats!

November 2019 newsletter

This months newsletter has details on current and future events along with details of how to sign up for free carers' activities over the coming months

New logo and badge for carers- dealing with Covid-19

Government launch new logo- Parents Federation have one too

You will doubtless have seen the sterling efforts of the GB government in developing a new 'brand' in the fight against Covid-19

The new logo and badge are a response to recognising that many carers are not NHS staff alone

How far this will address the shortcomings in support for the nations carers and nursing staff, or increase availability of PPE and tests for the virus it remains to be seen

However, in the spirit of doing our bit, the Parents' Federation is delighted to use local artist and NHS consultant, Susan White's new artwork on future publications, social media and website

We suspect that the work of Susan and her NHS colleagues in treating victims of the virus will play a much more important role in keeping people safe and saving lives than her art but we feel it looks a tad better that HMG's attempt


Keeping you informed


For the coming weeks (or months) we shall not be using the office base or holding social gatherings

Instead, staff will be working from home and maintaining our online information resources on a daily basis


If you are not already following us on twitter, facebook or instagram then perhaps you would like to

Caring is difficult and isolating enough before this crisis so we hope to keep carers in touch with one another via social media


If you have any information or tips to share or wish to find out about support in your area please join us on social media and together we can help one another cope


Above all stay safe and never forget- you are not alone!

Childrens' index updates April 2020

Do you have questions or need information re. covid 19 and it's impact on families?

Childrens' index updates April 2020



Council for Disabled Children


The Council for Disabled Children (CDC) has launched two new email inboxes aimed to answer questions, gather resources and share information on Coronavirus and the impact on children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

details and links can be found below - please accept our apologies for the layout

Carers Rights Information Day November 21st

Learn about services, opportunities and carers' rights

On Thursday 21st November there is a Carers Information event at the Carers Hub in Stanwell Road, Penarth

Come along for a chat and learn about the latest developments in services and support for unpaid carers over a free coffee and refreshments

Thinking of leaving home?

Information Event to discuss Accommodation Options


On Wednesday the 20th November we are holding an information morning to highlight options available to people with a learning disability.

If your son or daughter is considering moving out of the family home or returning from an out of county college placement soon this will be of interest

New Carers information guides

Carers Week sees launch of two new guides

New Carers information guides

June 11th to the 16th is Carers Week and to celebrate Carers' and their invaluable contribution some exciting new guides have been published

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