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Latest updates from Public Health Wales

Keep up to date with the latest guidelines

Latest updates from Public Health Wales

Covid rates are higher than ever and it seems the rules on where we go, who we can see and how we can attend to basic needs are constantly changing

The latest guidelines from Public Health Wales can be found here


If in doubt don't go out!

Halloween Horrors

Latest updates and spooky meeting

Halloween Horrors

Join us on Thursday 29th October for our 11am Pumpkin themed coffee morning on zoom and check out this months newsletter for some pumpkin recipes!!

Parents Covid 19 Survey - initial findings-

What Carers are saying

We have been conducting an online survey to seek the views and experiences of our membership

The findings so far highlight that while many are coping fairly well, some families are starting to need urgent support

Key issues highlighted include the need for some form of carers' ID when shopping, problems with GP services, social isolation and difficulties in keeping relatives healthy and active.

Many are concerned about a premature return to 'normality' and the possible lack of services and support post Covid resulting from inevitable cutbacks and economic slowdown.

Those with younger children will face difficulties when the lock-down is eased as many children have become settled into living at home and out of school routines

Latest findings can be found here.  We shall update these as and when we receive a significant number of new responses so if you feel that we are not capturing your views then please take a few minutes to complete the survey

New logo and badge for carers- dealing with Covid-19

Government launch new logo- Parents Federation have one too

You will doubtless have seen the sterling efforts of the GB government in developing a new 'brand' in the fight against Covid-19

The new logo and badge are a response to recognising that many carers are not NHS staff alone

How far this will address the shortcomings in support for the nations carers and nursing staff, or increase availability of PPE and tests for the virus it remains to be seen

However, in the spirit of doing our bit, the Parents' Federation is delighted to use local artist and NHS consultant, Susan White's new artwork on future publications, social media and website

We suspect that the work of Susan and her NHS colleagues in treating victims of the virus will play a much more important role in keeping people safe and saving lives than her art but we feel it looks a tad better that HMG's attempt

Happy 2021 - latest newsletter

Do we have your contact details??

Happy 2021 - latest newsletter

We are updating our records to ensure that carers do not miss out on the many offers for help for carers currently available

We need your mobile number to send regular latest updates

Connected Carers - Celebrating the end of an era and the beginning of a new one!

Join us on zoom to mark this wonderful project

Connected Carers - Celebrating the end of an era and the beginning of a new one!

The lottery funded Connected Carers project has completed its 3 year funding and we are holding an online celebration to mark the event


It has proven so popular with carers we are determined to carry on supporting our members with more of the same and new activities in the coming years


We need your ideas and support to make this happen



Combating Covid

Our plans in the coming quarter

OK the bug is back and not likely to go anywhere for some time yet!

Life must go on and the Parents' Federation is planning its own little fightback in order to help carers stay abreast of things and overcome the awful isolation and frustration

  • Over the coming 6 months we hope to contact all members who we do not have up to date mobile numbers for in order that we can keep you updated with regular texts - if you already receive a text then please try to visit our facebook page or join us for a zoom chat on Thursdays!
  • We shall be rolling out a variety of fun activities and 'tutorials' covering a widen range of things from crochet to dance to hula hooping and baking the perfect sponge! (if we can find a volunteer who can achieve the last point). as well as acquiring new skills you can meet other carers and learn from each other what coping mechanisms work for each other.
  • We shall continue to update and improve our information resources here and on the Where You Stand website
  • We shall continue to lobby authorities and agencies to let them know what carers are telling us matters to them- you're not alone so let us know what you feel is needed

Nobody knows what's around the corner. It's likely that 2021 will be a challenging year for us all-even after the virus has been calmed. The parents' Federation has almost 2000 families as members. It is run by and for carers themselves- if you would like to shape our future please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The future will pose many problems as well as opportunities- if you want your voice to be heard then join us and have your say!

Welcome and latest news

Keeping you informed

Covid-19 : After the lockdown

Many carers tell us they are concerned about what the post covid world will look like. We hold Zoom 'coffee meetings' for carers every Thursday at 11.00 where you can meet other carers and share ideas and views. We send a link to your mobile with details every week so please let us have your number if you are not receiving them, send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. along with your name and postcode


Please help us to help you - latest news and useful links

If you have any information or tips to share or wish to find out about support in your area please join us on social media and together we can help one another cope

What you told us in our short online survey

We held a survey earlier this year to seek your views on how the lockdown was affecting you

Key issues raised included problems with shopping or a carers ID card that can be used at priority shopping times. Other issues include concerns about returning to school, threats and cutbacks to services after lockdown ends and increasing mental health issues.

Although many of you though report coping well at present an increasing number of families are telling us that they are starting to struggle. Please take a few minutes to complete the above survey if you haven't done already.

A summary of findings to date can be found here.

For the coming weeks (or months) we shall not be using the office base or holding social gatherings

Instead, staff will be working from home and maintaining our online information resources on a daily basis

 If you are not already following us on twitterfacebook or instagram then perhaps you would like to join us

Our news page has regular updates and information so don't forget to have a quick look to see what you have missed

Caring is difficult and isolating enough before this crisis so we hope to keep carers in touch with one another via social media and a zoom group- visit our facebook pages to learn more

Lots of useful information on the corona virus and support or services offered can be found on the government website as well as on the Cardiff Council and the Vale Council sites

The Welsh government have compiled a list of useful information, follow this link

Thinking of setting up a small groups to support people through this crisis? If you are, have a look at our news pages for some useful information

If you have any information or tips to share or wish to find out about support in your area please join us on social media and together we can help one another cope

Above all stay safe and never forget- you are not alone!

How are you coping with the lockdown?

Let us know how you are coping and what support you would like

How are you coping with the lockdown?

We have a small online survey at


Please take a few minutes to complete at. it will help us to flag up what support is lacking along with any other key issues

So far we have had people tell us they need help with shopping and asked how they can get some sort of priority as a carer and we have had some interesting feedback


A carers ID card can be obtained from Carers UK. If you email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. you can apply online.


New website guide for families and people with a learning disability

Really helpful website just set up

New website guide for families and people with a learning disability

A group of professionals in the health team have put together a Facebook group and website for the COVID-19 crisis where we can upload and categories the fantastic information being created by so many different groups in this crisis, and give our clients and their families the information they need and activities that will help. 

It can be found at the link below- we recommend that you check it out!


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