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For over 30 years Cardiff & the Vale Parents Federation has been supporting families caring for a relative with a learning disability.

It is run by parents, for parents who understand the difficulties that families and lifelong carers face. Almost 2000 local families are members.

Carers in Wales save the government over £8,000,000,000 each year!

We hold regular and informal carers social gatherings where you can meet other carers, share experiences and ideas (plus pick up some useful tips)

We can signpost you to sources of support and give information on your rights as a carer and what assistance you are entitled to receive

If you cannot find what you are looking for on this website or www.whereyoustand.org  call us on 029 2056 5917 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


                          What Matters to You Matters to Us!


Understanding Disability Awards

Celebrating the inclusion of people with a learning disability - Don't Delay - Nominate Someone Now!!

Understanding Disability Awards

Every year we hold an awards ceremony to acknowledge and celebrate the efforts of those who have made an extra effort to include our children. We encourage nominations all year round to recognise the many hidden heroes who make our children's lives so much easier.

This year was the 25th Anniversary Ceremony and was a fantastic success.

Over 100 attendees saw Awards made to some amazing people who deserve recognition. A full report will soon follow but notable awards included an award for Steve Thomas recognising his work with young disabled people, Pauline Young MBE for a lifetime of outstanding work in promoting the rights of carers and  people with a learning disability and to cap it all, an award for Norbert Flynn, chair of the Understanding Disability Group. Norbert has been an active supporter of people with a learning disability and a founding member of several successful charities in the sector in the 30 years since he 'retired'.

A full report is below

Dewis Information Guide

General information for families



Like our own Where You Stand guide, the Dewis guide has a wealth of information on opportunities and resources. It is a generic guide, not specific to learning disabilities but has plenty of useful links to follow and is well worth a look. It is being updated and added to constantly.

Connected Carers

Putting carers in touch with one another

Connected Carers

We have just embarked on a 3 year project that will give carers a chance to meet one another, enjoy social activities and therapies and learn more about the opportunities available. best of this is entirely free!


Support and useful contacts


Autism is a lifelong disability that affects the way a person relates to people around them.

 A great deal off support for individuals and families is available.

 Recent legislation and a better understanding of the condition help a person's life choices.




Farewell Elaine

Elaine Gee- she made a difference!

It is with great sorrow that we report the loss of one of the Federations' long time friends and activists, Elaine Gee.


Elaine will be fondly remembered by the many who knew her as a friend, colleague or fellow parent.

After retiring from running the Castlefields Day Service she continued to fight for people with a learning disability and championed several causes.

These included her successful campaign alongside the Changing Places movement to lobby for the installation of fully accessible loos in many public places - a campaign that has made a real difference to the many people that were previously unable to venture far from home for the lack of such basic facilities.


She also campaigned for a 'Dementia Pathway' for people with a learning disability to help smooth the transition and changes inevitably faced by many individuals in later life.

In spite of personal ill health she remained positive and enthusiastic and kept a sense of humour which always resulting in us enjoying her visits to the office.

She will be missed.

Information - Where YOU Stand

Information on learning disabilities - written by carers for carers

Our Where You Stand guide is an invaluable reference guide for parents, carers, disabled children and adults with learning disabilities in Cardiff and the Vale.

Carers in the Vale

Support for carers in the Vale of Glamorgan

Carers in the Vale

 The Vale of Glamorgan Council fund many schemes or projects that support carers to stay healthy and well informed.

Under the new Social Services and Wellbeing Act 2014, the definition of a care has been extended

You do not have to be providing daily care!

For more details follow this link.

Family Information Service - FIS

Support for families in your area

Family Information Service - FIS

Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan councils' both have a Family Information Team to keep families with a disabled child informed and up to date. the teams work closely together to ensure maximum impact. They produce newsletters and hold events and activities for families. 


A break from caring


Caring for a relative with a learning disability can take a huge toll on a family and it is essential that all parties can enjoy the occasional break using the range of respite provision.