2021 - a happy new year??

Latest news and information on the lockdown and what it means for carers

The continued uncertainty over access to healthcare, vaccines and basic services is surely a concern for many carers.

Like everyone else we are watching the situation unfold and have many more questions than answers

The Parents Federation is holding an online zoom coffee morning every Tuesday at 11.00. To get the link please visit our facebook page, we shall also post links regularly via texts and emails when we can

If you have any questions to ask other carers; would like to post any suggestions or messages, share any  ideas that you may have, please add us as a friend and follow us on facebook.

We shall continue to do what we can to support you and if you have any issues that need to flagged up to local authorities or service providers please let us know as we are in frequent contact with them and working together to plan for a future post covid (whenever that is)

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